Enable blogger https for custom domain

Enable blogger https for custom domain

Today we will talk about how to Enable blogger https for a custom domain. SSL certificates are not provided when we buy a domain from a domain provider, We have to buy differently. But if we use the Blogger, then the blogger free https or free SSL certificate is given. Because it's Google's services and Google direct blogger's website are always verified to keep it safe.

Blogger is a free service from which any website can be created free of charge, even with the domain and Blogspot being freely available. There is no hosting charge, don't you have to buy anything from other hosting providers. Blogger uses Free of Cost. That's a very big benefit and user.

Only Google Gmail ID should be placed on Google's services. Then all Google services are provided in the free blogger And Google's other services. Example Gmail, Google Drive, Google translator, YouTube, Google Plus, Google map, Google Docs, Google Earth, Google classroom etc.

Enable blogger https for custom domain

HTTP://  Not Secure
The website that contains the HTTP is not secure. There may be Problem when using this website.
http  Not Secure
HTTPS://  Secure
The website that contains the HTTPS before the URL, There is no problem using that website. Trusted site.
https Secure

Enable blogger https all steps:-

First, log in to blogger. Click setting option then you can see basic information. And after setup third-party URL, that means a domain.  Scroll down and See HTTPS Two Options.

Enable blogger https all steps

 HTTPS availability:  By default No, Click on the No button then two Option open Yes or No, click on yes option and Save it.

 HTTPS redirect:  By default yes.

After some time waits and refreshes the website,  https will be added to the Domain.
I hope all the issues have become clearer. If there is any question, can anyone ask the question?

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