How to create blogger page for

Create blogger page

Today we will discuss how to create a blogger page. We know that each website has separate pages and each page has different functions. It is important for every website. It is very easy to create a page for bloggers. In this page we create About us, Contact page, Disclaimer, Sitemap, Privacy Policy page, and it is very important for AdSense Approval. So we have created blogger pages.

Blogger page lists: See Demo
Ok, let's start the topic, how to create blogger page.

create blogger page

Create blogger page all steps

Step 1:

Fast log in your blogger account and click pages option. Then click the New page option. See the Demo image.
Create blogger page all steps

Step 2:

Write the name of the blogger page, then write your content below. If there is information on that page, then the search description, write in 150 wards, complete every work. Click the Publish button to complete your Blogger page create all steps.

Create blogger page all steps

Hope this tutorial and you can easily create blogger Pages.
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