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Custom robots header tags

Friends, today we will learn to set up custom robots header tags and also explain how each one works. However, it's a very important role in any website of Custom robots header tags.

Friends, bloggers discussed how to add custom robots.txt to the previous post, after following Custom Robots.txt in Blogger, after set-up Custom robots header tags, the website's search engine optimization increases.

Custom robots header tags suggest websites crawling pages and search engines.
  • Any part of the blog that needs to be crawled and indexing any part.
  • Disables which section to crawl by the director.
  • Blog pages do not allow translations, the blog's image index is disabled.
  • Web pages stay in different ways after a certain time.
We'll try to know more about custom robots header tags, let's get started. With the addition of custom robots header tags, we will discuss in detail how the work of each header tag works.
What is custom robots header tags?
SEO helpful custom robots header tag on your website. Custom robots header tags can be summarized by all the instructions for blogroll crawler.
For example,
all noindex nofollow none noarchive nosnippet noodp notranslate noimageindex unavailable_after.

Explanation Custom robots header tags

all:- It allows the crawler to crawl your blog without any limits, they can easily index and reveal your overall and it is useful any website.

noindex:- This is for secret blogs, for example, if your blog is for personal use, you must try to hide the public URL, So this is what Crowler helps to stop crawling on your blog.

nofollow:- All links by default on your blog are Dofollow. If you do not want to appear in your external links in search engines, this tag will help your blog.

none:- It is a combination of noindex and nofollow, you can set your needs according to your blog.

noarchive:- Search engine lane sometimes preserves a copy of your blog pages and it shows as a cassette poet, enabling this tag does not allow callers to save cassette copy and it is very useful for a website.

nosnippet:- If you want to keep your blog's blog post secret, you can enable this tag for your website.

noodp:- These tags, by the open directory of your blog, Disables to crow.

notranslate:- This tag does not allow the change of blog language to another language. Is not it used too much?

noimageindex:- This is your blog's image list as specified by the name, Disables.

unavailable_after:-  After these tags are specified in the search engines, a webpage used to keep indexing.

Custom robots header tags addon Blogger all steps

Step 1:
First log in your account.
Then go to Settings ➤➤ Search preference ➤➤ See Crawlers and indexing 3option ➤➤ choose Custom robots header tags ⇻ Click Edit option. See the demo image.

Step 2:
Then open Enable custom robots header tags ➤➤ By default No, click to Yes. 
See image Enable custom robots header tags
Enable custom robots header tags image

Step 3 :
Open a checkbox. It's not too hard to complete.
Mark the image below for your website and set Custom robots header tags.
 setup Custom robots header tags
 setup custom robots header tags image
Hope everyone understands this tropics.
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