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Use real-time javascript on different types of websites. Different types of exams, job websites, on the government website we can see real-time shows that JavaScript is used to make this real-time show. Today, we will discuss how to use real-time JavaScript by using JavaScript. We can see the real-time JavaScript code of any website and the different types of gaming websites
  • Real-time, we can usually use different types of watches. Through this watch, we can do all of this time by javascript.
We give details of its Javascript for the website on how to create Normal Watch.

Real-time Normal Watch javaScript image

Real-time javaScript code

  1. Paste discord body to the body tag.
  2. Use for Blogger add HTML and JavaScript gadget paste this code and save then complete.
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<time id="realtime"></time>
<script type="text/javascript">
var currentTime = document.getElementById("realtime");
function zeropadder(n) {
  return (parseInt(n,10) < 10 ? '0' : '')+n;
function updateTime(){
  var timeNow= new Date(),
  hh = timeNow.getHours(),
  mm = timeNow.getMinutes(),
  ss = timeNow.getSeconds(),
  formatAMPM = (hh >= 12?'PM':'AM');
  hh = hh % 12 || 12;
  currentTime.innerHTML = hh + ":" + zeropadder(mm) + ":" + zeropadder(ss) + " " + formatAMPM;

  • This step follows and completes your real-time normal watch.
  • To use Real-Time Watch to give a beautiful look, you need to use CSS here. You can use CSS as yourself.

Use Real-time Normal Watch your choice.

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