Disable Mouse Right Click

Disable Mouse Right Click Interesting Right Click Disable What could happen?
Yes, we have to use js for this. This is never possible without using js. JS is a very strong code. We are located on many websites, Mouse Right Click is disabled, The reasons may be different. Because the stolen photos from different websites are copied by copying paste and using this code to protect users from their hands. Right-click is disabled when an online exam is conducted. Right-click to disable any game is disabled. There is no problem that a user could use it despite having no intentional reason.

Disable Mouse Right Click
Disable Mouse Right Click image

Disable Mouse Right Click Benefit 

  1. Save your website text, picture.
  2. Save your website.
  3. Insect elements cannot be clicked by the mouse, no user.

Disable Mouse Right Click problem

  1. At any time, if a user does not like Disable Right Click, you will not be redirected to your website for a second time.
  2. No browser will look good at it, it can sometimes be with a user.
Disable Mouse Right Click code

Paste this JS code body to the body tag. 
<script type="text/javascript">
$(document).ready(function () {
    //Disable full page
        return false;
    //Disable part of page
        return false;
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Disable Mouse Right Click.

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